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How to build a NetSuite segment mapping file

Once the segment structure is complete, the next step is mapping the legacy segment structure to the new NetSuite structure. If you are unfamiliar with NetSuite’s segments, check out our segment structure blog post.

A NetSuite segment map links legacy segment values to the NetSuite segment values. Start by reviewing how each NetSuite segment will be determined. Frequently, the NetSuite and legacy structures will not match. See below for a list of common mapping structures from intheBlk clients:

intheBlk segment map examplesAfter finalizing the segment map, link each segment value to a NetSuite segment value. Here are a few tips:

  • Only map segment values with activity: this ensures that the historical transactions will balance in NetSuite. Do not assign old segment values that do not have activity.
  • Use the NetSuite internal ID: the internal ID is the best way to import data to NetSuite. The ID can never change. If the import uses the segment name, the name string must include all parent values. Any time the department name changes, the map file will need to be updated.
  • When possible, make segment changes in the legacy system: an ERP implementation is an opportune time to update the chart of accounts. When feasible, make the updates in the legacy system to ease the tieout process between systems. QuickBooks Online has a merge feature for segment values.
  • Or consolidate segment values in the map file: when merging legacy segments, include multiple rows that map to the same NetSuite segment value. See example below:
intheBlk account consolidation map
  • Include a subsidiary column when mapping activity from various subsidiaries: a subsidiary value ensures that the segment instance is unique. The same GL account number might be used numerous times across subsidiaries. Without the subsidiary value included, the mapping process will not work.

For each NetSuite segment, create an Excel file with each legacy value used. Use a SUMIFS formula to link segments. See below for an example:

intheBlk example segment mapContact intheBlk if you need assistance with the segment mapping file. Or, check out our NetSuite implementation resource page with additional best practices.


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