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Five resources for new NetSuite users

Questions always arise when you recently implemented NetSuite. Where can you get online resources? Thankfully, there are many valuable NetSuite resources available. Whether it is asking a forum for advice or reading up on a specific technical issue, these resources have you covered.

Here is a list of five of my favorite NetSuite resources.

1. The NetSuite Professionals Slack group

There are over 11,000 users in the NetSuite Professionals Slack group (as of June 2022). In addition, there are multiple channels for asking topic-specific questions, such as accounting, administrative, projects, and CSV import topics.

Here is the link to the NetSuite Slack group.

2. NetSuite Unofficial Channel Reddit page

There are approximately 8,600 subscribers to the NetSuite subreddit page (as of June 2022). This site is another excellent forum-based resource. One benefit of Reddit is that posts don't expire (unlike the Slack channel). Generally, most posts get a few responses. Users will need a profile to post but do not need a profile to view other posts.

Here is the link to the NetSuite Reddit page.

3. NetSuite Professionals website

The NetSuite professionals website is another forum-based site where users can submit questions. In addition, the site is linked with the Slack group. I find the Slack and Reddit pages to be more helpful. But, I wanted to list this as another option.

Here is the link to the NetSuite Professionals website.

4. Prolecto blog

The Prolecto site is my favorite NetSuite blog. Marty's content is detailed and covers various topics, from accounting to implementations to integrations. Marty is highly respected in the industry. As a result, reposts of his articles are standard on the resources I'm sharing.

Here is the link to the Prolecto blog.

5. NetSuite Help Documentation

Most tools have horrible help documentation. Thankfully, NetSuite is an exception. If you click the 'Help' button in the top right corner, the NetSuite Help Center will open in a new tab with the relevant help documentation for the page you are currently on.


These five resources are excellent for gaining an understanding of how NetSuite works. But, if you have more specific or detailed questions, there is no replacing an in-person help. intheBlk Consulting can answer all your implementation and reporting questions. So, please reach out with your questions. And, if you are looking for tips & tricks, sign up for the blog or follow me on LinkedIn today!

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