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Eleven resources for new NetSuite users


If you recently implemented NetSuite from QuickBooks, you probably have questions. The good news is that there are plenty of online resources. Whether you need advice from a forum, looking for best practices, or information on a specific problem, these resources have you covered.

I've compiled a list of my go-to NetSuite resources. In addition, resources have been compiled based on feedback from my social media presence.

Of course, I would recommend that you check out OptimalData’s resources, including:

Now for the resource list:

The NetSuite Resource List

1. Reddit - NetSuite Unofficial Channel

The NetSuite Reddit group has over 14,000 members (as of Dec 2023). This community allows users to ask questions and users to offer advice. Reddit is the best online resource for asking specific questions and getting valuable responses.

Visit the community on Reddit: 

2. NetSuite Professionals Slack Group

The NetSuite Professionals Slack Group has over 10,000 users (as of Dec 2023). Engage in discussions across specialized channels, including accounting, administration, projects, and CSV imports. This is another great group to get high-quality feedback on questions.

Check out the NetSuite Professionals Slack Group:

3. The Prolecto Blog

Marty Zigman’s blog is legendary to NetSuite users. His team has an incredible blog with practical articles on everything from currency translation in NetSuite to the history of QuickBooks to NetSuite data migration services. Prolecto even offers free bundles available to all NetSuite users.

Here is the link to Marty Zigman’s blog:

Here is the link to the Conversation with Meir blog: 

4. NetSuite Support Community

This is the official Oracle NetSuite Community website. Access a supportive community and stay informed about the latest updates to enhance your NetSuite experience, with over 30,000 registered members, including employees, developers, and solution providers. You will need to be a NetSuite user to access this website.

Check it out here: 

5. SuiteAnswers

Users can access NetSuite’s knowledge base directly from NetSuite to find solutions specific to the page they are looking at in NetSuite. It is a self-help resource, empowering users to address challenges and make the most of NetSuite. Unlike many software tools, I found SuiteAnswers helpful.

You can access this page by clicking the “Help” button in the top right corner of Netsuite or visiting this link: 

6. LinkedIn NetSuite User Group

The LinkedIn NetSuite User Group is great for networking and learning about service offerings provided by other 3rd party apps and consulting firms. The LinkedIn group isn’t the best place to ask specific questions, but it is ideal to see what consulting firms are available to NetSuite users.

Check it out here: 

7. Facebook NetSuite Users Group

The Facebook NetSuite user group is similar to the LinkedIn and Reddit pages.

Check it out here:

8. Gitlab - Netsuite Documentation

GitLab's NetSuite Documentation is another help forum available for free. The help navigation is in a simple format for easy navigation.

Check it out here:

9. Sarah Emery’s YouTube channel

Sarah Emory's YouTube channel provides short, valuable videos with practical tips.

Check her out here:

10. NetSuite Learning Center's NetSuite Learning Center offers articles, guides, and success stories for administrators and developers.

Check it out here:

11 . Anchor Group's Training Resources

Anchor Group has several free training guides on its website, including one for beginners, a SuiteCommerce course, and an Advanced PDF course. One of my clients was raving about the high-quality content that is available for free on their site. I highly recommend checking out their video content.

Check it out Anchor Group's website here: 


NetSuite can be a big adjustment for new users transitioning from QuickBooks Online. Contact me if you need additional resources.

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