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Can I import historical financial transactions into NetSuite?

Companies always want their historical transactions imported into NetSuite. Implementation partners often advise against this for several reasons:

  1. Getting the right reports from a legacy system can be challenging - companies move to NetSuite for the robust reporting features. Legacy systems often don't have the right reporting options to efficiently map vendor payments and customer payments to the respected vendor bill and customer invoice.
  2. Preparing the import templates is complex - recreating transactional history requires mapping and making NetSuite import templates. Historically, this has required an immense amount of Excel manipulation to move the data into an importable format for NetSuite.
  3. Validating the import is more time-consuming - teams need to verify the success of the historical transaction import at a more detailed level. This validation requires time and resources for organizations that often lack both.

These challenges justify why implementation partners advise against importing historical transactions. Teams implementing NetSuite already face the challenge of providing adequate time to a time-intensive process. But what if there was a service provider who understood legacy systems and had a tool to make this feasible?

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Enter intheBlk consulting - we have the tools and experience to make importing historical transactions possible on time. Our approach:

  1. Adapts how the NetSuite import templates are compiled based on your legacy system (spoiler alert - we have tons of experience with QuickBooks Online and Desktop)
  2. Validates the import templates before we start to load data into NetSuite, avoiding the risk of bad data midway through the data import process.
  3. Removes the need to rely on manipulating Excel files, reducing human errors, and increasing delivery time.

If your company wants its historical financial transactions imported into NetSuite, contact intheBlk consulting today or check out the available services on our website.

intheBlk consulting provides data conversion services for organizations implementing NetSuite. Check out our NetSuite data conversion page to see the options and pricing.

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