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Add a drill-down report to the NetSuite financial statements

The ability to drill into account activity on the income statement is critical for effective reporting in NetSuite. A common pain point is the need to customize the detailed income statement report every time a user drills into the account activity on a summary income statement. In this article, let’s talk about adding a custom drill-down report.

First, we will build a custom detailed income statement. There are two ways to navigate here. First, navigate to the customized, detailed income statement by going to Reports → Financials → Income Statement → Customize Detail.NetSuite customize income statement detail original

Move to the ‘Edit Columns’ subtab on the Financial Report Builder page. This section dictates the report columns. I'd recommend adding segments that will help expedite the financial close process. Let’s go ahead and add:

  • Account (line): Name (GL-style)

  • Subsidiary: Name

  • Department: Name

  • Class: Name

  • Created By: Name

I recommend not using the Search Fields functionality. The search results often include the same field multiple times, making it confusing to know which field to select. Instead, I’d drill into the widgets manually. Since we are looking at actuals (instead of budget data), select the Financial widget.

NetSuite Report Search screenshotThe list organizes data alphabetically but with fields with multiple options (or join tables) towards the bottom. In our case, all four added fields are in the join tables.

After adding the desired columns, users can move the column order around. Then, after making all the applicable changes, click Save.

Finally, navigate to your custom summary income statement and click the ‘Customize’ button on the bottom left corner of the screen. Then, navigate to ‘More Options’ and find the drill-down report dropdown on the Financial Report Builder page. Select the detailed income statement report here.

After making this change, when you drill into the details of your custom income statement, you will see the added columns that we included in our custom income statement detail. With these changes, you should more effectively understand the activity included in your income statement.

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