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A step-by-step guide for migrating data from QuickBooks Online to NetSuite

Are you:

  • Beginning a NetSuite implementation but completely lost on starting the data migration process?
  • Looking for enhanced guidance on how to export data from QuickBooks Online?
  • Struggling to prepare the CSV upload guides provided by your implementation team?

OptimalData’s QuickBooks Online to NetSuite data migration course is designed for you. Our course will provide:

  • 20+ videos sharing guidance, how-tos, and best practices from OptimalData’s experience
  • Share the exact reports you need to run to export data from QuickBooks Online efficiently.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to clean, prepare, and upload the NetSuite CSV upload guides.

Don’t struggle to complete this task alone — leverage OptimalData’s expertise with this self-taught course. We've completed over 65+ successful NetSuite migrations.

This course is perfect for:

  • Clients transitioning from QuickBooks Online to NetSuite
  • Implementation partners looking to train their staff on data migration best practices
  • Implementation partners who want to enhance their client’s data migration experience.

If you are an implementation partner, contact me about our referral program.

Accounting teams need to decide whether to do a hard or soft cutover. In this video, Paul discusses each of these options and the pros/cons of each. The course will include 20+ short videos discussing the nuances of a QuickBooks to NetSuite data migration project.

Simplify Your Upcoming Data Migration.

We’re dedicated to helping you accurately import your data into NetSuite.

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